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Types of Valve Fittings

a) Steam Traps

  1. Float Traps

  2. Thermodynamic

  3. Inverted Bucket

b) Pressure Reducing Valves

  1. Direct Acting

  2. Pilot Operated

c) Control Valves

  1. Electric Actuated

  2. Pneumatic Actuated

d) Isolation Valves

  1. Bellow Sealed

  2. Ball Valves

e) Moisture Separators

  1. Baffle

  2. Centrifugal

f)Condensate Packaged Pumps

  1. Steam Powered

  2. Electric Powered

g) Flash Vessels


Steam Fittings (ADCA)

Steam is a very key source of thermal energy for industrial applications. Steam is safe, clean, and has a very high heat transfer coefficient. Through our partner, ADCA Valsteam we can provide various steam fittings that conform to the EU standards.

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