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Types of Valve Fittings

1. Safety Relays

These are critical in applications such as emergency stops, safety gates, light barriers. These are critical in stopping machines whenever someone enters an area that is regarded as unsafe. Safety relays are lifesaving relays!

2. Monitoring relay

These relays help in monitoring a wide range of parameters such as current, insulation, voltage, and temperature. These in turn save the machine or the operators from dangers associated with these parameters


3. Safety Controllers

These controllers come in handy in monitoring E-stops, safety gates, and light curtains. This further maximizes the safety within your machinery and ensures you operate with minimal downtimes that are safety-related.


Our components, systems, and services will support you in the automation of your plants and machinery worldwide. Driven by our vision of "The Spirit of Safety", we will use all our passion and knowledge to offer you the best possible automation solutions. We are automation specialists committed to safety Products

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